Trees Need Love Too!

It’s easy to take your trees for granted, until damage from storms, drought, disease or insects poses a threat to these valuable landscape assets.

We are your partners in the care of your trees. Whatever the challenge, we can offer professional solutions to maintain and improve your trees’ condition:

  • Thick tree canopies can be thinned to allow wind to pass through, and help prevent breakage and uprooting of trees due to high wind.
  • Damage from snow and ice can be reduced by pruning the tree to allow more snow and ice to pass through the canopy instead of trapping it like a basket.
  • Weak branch attachment and structural defects may be improved with cabling and bracing, to add strength and flexibility to the tree canopy and help prevent breakage.
  • Dead, broken, or hanging branches are bad for your tree’s health and create an unsafe condition for you. Corrective pruning can reduce these hazards.
  • Young trees need guidance with periodic pruning for strength and balance. Good maintenance will reward you with a tree that is both sturdy and beautiful.
  • Disease and insect infestation problems must be diagnosed and treated with the correct products at the proper time. We can also advise you on how best to respond to challenges like drought, poor soil, and other environmental factors.

CALL US to discuss how we can help grow and protect your landscape’s most valuable assets - your trees!